Redding, CT Breakthrough Rodent Detection and Tracking System Unveiled

Company founders have announced the formation of RodoTrak, Inc. and the release of its main product, the RodoTrak Rodent Detection and Tracking System.

RodoTrak is a breakthrough, patent-pending product that answers the age-old question: Where are small rodents entering my home or my business? RodoTrak shines a light on the point-of-entry mystery, and if how they get in is known, rodents can be kept out!

The RodoTrak rodent detection and tracking system uses non-poisonous baited rodent detection stations to attract rodents, such as mice, flying squirrels and chipmunks. These stations are loaded with non-toxic fluorescent powder that will coat their fur for easy tracking using an ultraviolet flashlight. The stations are set up in a maze-like pattern to locate and pinpoint rodent activity.

David Curtis, co-founder and company Vice President, states that “The tests we conducted prove RodoTrak's ability to find rodent points of entry. In one case, a homeowner was absolutely convinced that mice were entering around a door. The door had been tightened several times and it moldings replaced, all to no avail. We set up three RodoTrak stations and tracked their path to a hole beneath the building’s siding, and did it within 24 hours!”

Each environmentally-friendly rodent detection and tracking station contains a fibrous material that is permeated with a non-toxic fluorescent powder that completely coats the rodent's fur when it enters. The fibrous material contains enough powder to cover approximately 15 linear feet outside and even more inside. Once they leave the detection and tracking station, the rodents create a trail of powder left as footprints where they walk or "body" prints where they rub against an entry (or exit) point. Commercially, RodoTrak can be used as part of an integrated rodent management system.

About RodoTrak, Inc.

Based in Redding, CT, RodoTrak, Inc. and the RodoTrak rodent detection and tracking system itself were developed as the result of a collaboration between the principal owner and operator of a pest control company, and a client with experience in the textile business. RodoTrak, and its principle product are backed by over 60 years experience in a family owned and operated pest control business. This, along with the client's 20 years in the textile business, were just the formula needed to come up with the innovative RodoTrak rodent detection and tracking system.