RodoTrak, Ultraviolet Rodent Detection and Tracking System RodoTrak, Ultraviolet Rodent Detection and Tracking System
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RodoTrak Case Study

A basement case study pictorial and photos of RodoTrak at work.

Use RodoTrak as an Enhancement and Location tool in your Exclusion work.

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RodoTrak Case Study

Problem: Mice in basement and house.

Challenge: Older construction, and many possible entry points that are not apparent or obvious.

Solution: RodoTrak Detection System.

RodoTrak unit placed inside basement on
top of the foundation. After several days the mice have become gently coated with the harmless RodoTrak UV powder.


In just a few days, this RodoTrak unit shows lots of rodent activity!

With some simple curiosity and the RodoTrak UV flashlight, we inspect along the walls to find other activity marks showing the rodent paths along the wall wires.

This path lead dozens of feet along electrical wires to a difficult to spot hole among the ceiling joists.

This area is almost directly under the back door to the house.

Outside the house by the back door nothing seems suspicious...


Until we reach up behind the siding and discover the gap and hole that connect through to the basement!

The entry point has been found!


Another Example

We placed a RodoTrak unit at the other end of the basement...


The UV light once again shows activity along the foundation...

In normal light there is no obvious entry path.
The UV light reveals activity going up the foundation to a gap between the stones.

The corresponding location outside the house reveals a gap in the concrete mortar.

Interestingly, this outside location was several feet above the ground, and did not show any obvious rodent activity signs.

Rodents can now be harmlessly excluded from the home by blocking the entry points.


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