RodoTrak, Ultraviolet Rodent Detection and Tracking System RodoTrak, Ultraviolet Rodent Detection and Tracking System
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Use RodoTrak as an Enhancement and Location tool in your Exclusion work.

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How RodoTrak Works

The RodoTrak rodent detection and tracking product uses a set of baited rodent detection stations to attract rodents, such as mice, rats, flying squirrels, chipmunks and almost any small rodent. These stations are loaded with fully non-toxic fluorescent powder that will coat their bodies for easy tracking using an ultraviolet (UV) flashlight.

The station should be set up in a perimeter of the room, where you think or know that rodents are a problem. This can be done indoors or out!

RodoTrak station
set to test for
rodent activity.
Powder material trail
shown in UV light.
Interior beam near
a RodoTrak station

Another powder material trail in
UV light.

Each environmentally-friendly station contains a fibrous material that is permeated with a non-toxic fluorescent powder that completely coats the
rodent’s fur when it enters. The Fibrous material contains enough powder to cover approximately 15 linear feet outside and even more inside.

Once they leave the RodoTrak station, the rodents create a trail of powder left as footprints where they walk or “body” prints where they rub against an
entry or exit point in your home. Additional tool needed include UV flashlight and copper mesh to close the holes.

RodoTrak is highly effective for monitoring rodent activity in every setting. It is also safe for everyone. Both fibrous material and powder applied in the RodoTrak products are used in consumer textiles and are completely non-toxic! Watch our information video to see how RodoTrak works.

The RodoTrak products can be incorporated as part of a comprehensive pest control program. Click here to see pest control companies in your area that uses RodoTrak.

You can also do it yourself! No license is needed and no inspector is required!
The tracking powder in the product is removable with soap & water!
Read the complete Directions for use.

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